Forcepoint announces the latest generation of their TRITON 4D security platform

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                   Today, with the latest release (v8.2) the Forcepoint TRITON platform provides better protection from outsiders targeting users with advanced threats, and is more effective at protecting increasingly distributed data against loss or theft from insiders. The consolidated TRITON Platform reduces the burden on IT, enabling them to spend more time supporting business innovation.

                   TRITON combines the management of Web, Email and DLP protection in one console. Pre-defined policies grouped by regulation or data type and geographical location save administration time and allow organizations to rapidly protect against data theft, as well as provide superior protection from blended attacks that cross both Web and Email.  In addition, this integration allows organizations to protect against every stage of the threat lifecycle, from initial targeted phishing emails, through to data exfiltration in hidden ‘Call Home’ channels. Integrated advanced file analysis reduces the time it takes to detect an attack. Our threat dashboards and reporting speed up the time it takes to respond to an incident in order to remediate quickly to contain an attack (i.e. get back to ‘normal’ faster).

                   Our industry-leading TRITON Platform goes beyond just Defending, enabling you to Detect breaches and Decide how best to Defeat the attack (What we call ‘4D Security’).

Consolidated management means faster detection and response.

                    Our consolidated management and unified policies are most effective at helping customers to safely embrace transformative technologies (like cloud, mobility and others).Forcepoint provides organizations with the flexibility to choose the most relevant deployment method of their web, email and DLP security to support the needs of the business and maintain a centralised management console to deploy consistent policies to protect users and your data across any network that they need to work. Forcepoint’s range of virtual & physical appliances, as well as ISO certified cloud based security infrastructure means protection is closest to the users and your critical data wherever it needs to be.

Business transformation needs flexible security.

                    Integrating Web, Email and DLP provide the best protection from external attackers and insiders trying to steal data. Cyber criminals target the very same critical communication channels that our customers’ users use. By combining web and email security with DLP, Forcepoint provides better security against users from advanced attacks as well as more comprehensive protection from data theft from insiders or external attackers.

Integrated security means better security.

                    In this latest release of the TRITON portfolio (including AP-WEB, AP-EMAIL, AP-DATA & AP-Endpoint DLP), Forcepoint has expanded our integration of advanced file behavioral analysis capabilities to continue to remain at the forefront of providing market-leading advanced threat protection for our customers.

                   Over the last year, as Websense, Raytheon Cyber Products and more recently, Stonesoft have come together, we have been working diligently to integrate the technologies these companies bring to the market. This ability to integrate new technologies into the TRITON platform is a key differentiator for Forcepoint. It’s incredibly exciting to see the results of this integration. Firstly, we have integrated the security research teams into Forcepoint Security Labs. This has resulted in the expansion in the technologies and capabilities of Forcepoint’s ACE shared security services (The power behind the protection and detection capabilities across our security platform). These advances are already benefitting existing customers using our solutions today.  Check out what our Security Labs team are saying in Forcepoint Security Labs Global Threat Report released April 26, 2016.

                   April 29, 2016 saw the latest release the TRITON 4D Platform and product portfolio under the new Forcepoint brand. Whilst Forcepoint might only be just over 90 days old, there is a rich heritage of over 20 years that brings us to where we are today as a market leader. TRITON has been leading the market as one of the industry’s first security platforms. We’ve been helping our customers to reduce the operational burden for over-stretched IT staff through the consolidation of Web and Email security with DLP into a single console.

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